Black Friday Tips

Black Friday Tips & Tricks


You’ve been eyeing that smart watch for a while and knowing that Black Friday is coming up you’re wondering whether it will go on sale. 

Let’s track back a bit and discuss exactly what “Black Friday” is and most importantly on which date will Black Friday fall this year?

The name Black Friday originated in the city of Philadelphia and the term was coined by the police back in the 60s. They used the term to point to the extreme traffic in and around the city on the day after Thanksgiving. 

This year Black Friday will fall on the 25th of November. More often than not, many (online) stores have now turned the discount day into a discount week. 

So how do you make the most out of this week? Let me walk you through it!

1. Save time by preparing

Nothing is as frustrating as spending hours just looking at different websites to see what they have to offer. It is handy to know what it is exactly you need or want to buy during Black Friday 2022, so make a list! 

When the Black Friday week starts, you can focus your time and energy on finding the products on your list. 

Not sure what stores are participating? You can check sites such as, as they tend to have a list of stores that will be ready to go when that Monday of the Black week hits.

2. Set up alerts in Google

If you spend a lot of hours in your mailbox and do not have time to spend looking for the products you need. Google alerts are a time(life)saver. Most, if not all online stores, use Google Ads or Shopping Ads to advertise, also on Black Friday!

Think about how you would normally search for discounts on a product or for a website. An example below:

  • Samsung watch discount
  • Samsung watch Black Friday
  • Coolblue Black Friday
  • Coolblue discount code

These are terms that will likely get you some kind of result, and the best thing is, the alert will come straight into your mailbox!

3. Create wishlists

Alerts not something for you? Create a wishlist. Many online stores have the ability to create wishlists. Make sure to save your favourite products in these lists and save them as a Tab in your browser! 

One small tip, if you do not have an account for these stores, or they do not have the possibility to create an account, make sure to accept cookies. This way your list will be saved!

4. Use Google Shopping to compare prices

You’re undoubtedly familiar with what marketers refer to as Google Shopping. The little pictures showing products on the search page of Google. On this page you can easily compare prices for the product you are looking for, or for similar products.

5. Score yourself a Humble Light this Black Friday!

We wouldn’t be posting this if it wasn’t for the fact that all Humble Lights will be on sale for a whole week!

All lamps can be bought with a 20% discount using our code HUMBLEFRIDAY22 during checkout!

Get a travel case for free with every purchase containing a lamp.

Check our Black Friday FAQ for shipping and return details

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