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Humble One: the candle alternative

The Humble One is our first cordless lamp, designed to bring a safe and sustainable alternative to the candle. The light is warm, similar to that of a candle. Fully charged, this cordless lamp will on average produce up to 140 hours of light.

Are the Humbles safe for outdoor use?

While all Humbles can be used outdoors, we do have a special outdoor collection. The Humble Outdoor has an IP65 rating which means it is splash proof, it can withstand rain without issue.

Is the light dimmable?

The lamp has 3 dimmable settings; candle, ambience and work. The bulbs have an E27 fitting and are especially made for the Humble One. The bulbs are easy to replace if something were to happen, just like a regular bulb.

Can the lamp be repaired?

All Humble products are modular by design, meaning all main parts are available as spare parts and can be easily replaced. We have done this to be able to guarantee a longer life span of our lights.

How do I charge the Humble One?

The lamp charges via the included USB-C cable or via a wireless charger. The wireless charger is available for purchase on our website. While we provide an USB-C cable, we do not provide the adapter as we believe that many of our customers will already have a suitable adapter at home.

How does it turn on?

It has a button on the bottom with which you turn the lamp on, but also control the dimmable setting. With the remote you can control all Humble lights within a 10m radius. The remote is sold separately.