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Humble Two: The perfect dinner companion

A portable, dimmable downlight that uses its domed shade to direct a perfect circle of light onto your table. The Humble Two is the sister of the Humble One, with a slender body, domed shade and available in 3 finishes; gold, silver and titanium. However looks can be deceiving, despite its petite size this cordless table lamp has a high capacity battery which produces 96 hours of light on average.

The Two charges via the included USB-C cable, or via any wireless charger. The adapter is not included as we believe that most customers will have a suitable adapter already at home.

Where should I place my Humble Two?

Where this Humble shines brightest is up to you, like her sibling the One, the Two has 3 dimmable settings; candle, ambience and work. A romantic dinner companion, or a cosy night light, the options are endless.

I would like to change the dome, is this possible?

Whether you’ve gone for a solid aluminium look, fancied the frosted or smoked glass, the dome can be changed. On our website, under accessories, you can find spare parts for all lamps, including the domes.

Can the lamp be repaired?

The lamp is modular by design, which means that every part is serviceable and replaceable. The lamps are built to last and all main parts are available as spare parts.

Does the Two have a bulb?

The Two has a LED filament light source, it. technically lasts forever. However, if something were to happen to it, this too can easily be replaced.