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Humble Two – the perfect dinner companion

Meet the classic counterpart to the Humble One – the Humble Two. This slender table lamp casts a subtle light, perfect for a romantic dinner or an evening of studying. While it exudes refinement, the Humble Two houses a robust battery within. Once charged, enjoy 96 hours of ambient light.

Classic ambiance with innovative interior

The Humble Two seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Beneath the timeless design lies a well-considered interior that offers limitless versatility. It’s a wireless table lamp that adapts to various roles – a centerpiece on the table, a hallway accent, or a companion during reading. Moreover, the Humble Two syncs with your smart lighting, enabling control via phone, voice, switch, or motion sensor.

  • Switch between 3 modes: Candle, Ambience, and Work
  • Charge the battery via a Qi charger or the included USB-C cable
  • Get 96 hours of light after 4 to 6 hours of charging
  • Use indoors and outdoors (IP65 waterproof)

Humble Two: sturdy table lamp

At Humble, longevity matters greatly. Behind the appealing exterior of the Humble Two lies a modular, battery-powered system with easily maintainable and replaceable components. Even the LED bulbs are replaceable, extending the lamp’s potential lifespan.

From bold to soft: A Humble Two for every interior

Choose from over 10 unique designs of Humble Two mood makers. Place a bold black lamp with smoked glass on your table, opt for a gentle linen light in beige, or go for an eye-catching gold piece. Explore the collection and discover your delightful table companion.

The Humble Two includes:

  • Lamp and integrated LED source
  • USB-C cable
  • Carry pouch