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Cordless Table Lights: battery operated table lamps for your home

At Humble Lights we have two cordless table lamps, the Humble One and Humble Two. Both have a very distinct style and can fit in a wide range of interiors. These two lamps are dimmable in 3 settings and last for weeks on one charge.

What is the difference between the battery operated table lamp the One and Two?

The difference is mainly in the design. The Humble One focuses on the bulb, putting it at the forefront of its design, it is also available in a Smart version and can be integrated into any Zigbee 3.0 smart home system. The Humble Two is the perfect dinner companion, with a slender body and a dome shaped cap, providing the perfect down light. These two portable table lamps will be able to light up your home in a variety of ways.

How long does a battery operated table lamp last?

The Humble One lasts up to 140 hours on one charge, and the Humble Two 96 hours. Both cordless table lamps are fully charged again in 4 hours using a USB-C cable or via a wireless dock.

Can cordless table lamps have a nice design?

Whether the Humble One or Humble Two has your preference is highly personal. We do believe that with advancing technology, cordless lamps have come a long way in design. Gone are the days of bright white LED lights, lamps such as the One and Two are designed to light up your home while providing a premium look and feel, both fit into a wide range of interiors.