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Wireless wall lights: no need for a power outlet

We designed the Humble Bee, our first wireless wall light, to bring atmosphere anywhere in your home. Many of the wireless wall lights available provide harsh white light and very little atmosphere. The Humble Bee changes that, it brings warm light and a premium feel to any space that needs a little extra light and love.

The Humble Bee is a wireless wall light that goes for weeks on one charge.  The wall plate and screws provided make it possible to place the Humble Bee on any wall. The Humble Bee clicks easily and seamlessly into place onto the wall plate. This wireless wall light lights up any wall, indoor and outdoor, without compromising on design.

How can a wall light be wireless?

Our wall light the Humble Bee has a very powerful battery, lasting up to 220 hours on one charge. You do not need a nearby power outlet to operate the lamp, with a simple touch you turn the Bee on and off. In addition, as the Humble Bee is a smart device it easily integrates into your existing smart home system such as Hue or Ikea Trådfri.

How do you charge a wireless wall light?

The Humble Bee locks-off its wall mount with a simple counter clockwise twist. Use the USB-C port on the side or place the Bee on a wireless charger. Within 4 hours, the Bee is ready to go for another round.

Can a LED wall light be used in the bathroom?

The Humble Bee is designed to be used anywhere, this includes the bathroom. As it has an IP65 rating it can withstand steam and is splash proof.