Humble lights are a great solution for your business. Bars, restaurants and hotels can recoup their investment within as quickly as 2 years. Without burning through heaps of candles each night…

“We’ve actually started selling the lights after dinner. It’s been sitting right in front of them all night…”

A week without charging

Let’s take a 40 table restaurant as an example.

Humble costs

Outfitting the establishment with 40 humbles and 4 Six chargers: 40 x 70* + 400* = 3200 €.

Total (including 5 year charging): € 3275

Candle costs

A high quality project candle costs roughly 0,30 euro and lasts two nights. On average a restaurant is open for 6 nights a week, total 312 nights. The total candle-cost per year is therefore: Total 312 x 0,15 x 40 = € 1872

Comparing the two, Humble has a higher initial investment, but already after 1 year and 9 months you start to save money. And then we’ve not even started talking about the fire hazard, black ceilings and amount of candle waste you’re saving…

How does charging work?

All our lights can be charged wirelessly, so no cable hassle necessary. We offer a Six Charger that fast charges up to 6 units simultaneously. It’s tested for heavy duty use and has a durable, black bamboo outer casing. After 4-6 hours all your lights can go another round. Depending on the brightness setting battery life per unit can vary between 40 and 140 hours. An average, charging needs to be done roughly once or twice a week.



Can I control them with a remote?

Yes, you can. We offer a not-so-humble remote that can control up to 100 lights simultaneously within a 10 meter radius. Really handy if you have a big space where you want to control the mood instantly. It even let’s you display the battery level on all your units for 10 seconds.