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Maximum control

We offer a not-so-humble remote that can control up to 100 lights simultaneously within a 10 meter radius.

Really handy if you have a big space where you want to control the mood instantly. It even let’s you display the battery level on all your units for 10 seconds.

The numbers bit

Let’s take a 40 table restaurant for example.

Humble costs
Outfitting the establishment with 40 humbles and a charging cart will cost:
40 x 70* + 900* = 3700 €.
Total (including 5 year charging): 3775 €

Candle costs
A high quality project candle costs roughly 0,30 euro and lasts two nights.
On average a restaurant is open for 6 nights a week, total 312 nights.
The total candle-cost after 5 years is therefore:
Total 312 x 5 x 0,15 x 40 = 9360 €

*based on project prices Benelux

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