Hello! We’re Humble.

We have a fresh take on wireless lighting.
We combine the latest technology with premium materials to bring a warm and comforting atmosphere, anywhere – even outside.

The beginnings of Humble go back to 2018 when I, Jorren Teertstra, teamed up with my design buddies from APE Amsterdam. With a love of design and an aversion to cables, we set out to create a modern-day alternative to the ultimate mood lighting: candles. Our first lamp quickly became a household favourite, with its long battery life and signature bulb. We named ourselves ‘Humble’, after this small and friendly initial design.

humble sketch drawing

Our Humble Studio

From our studio in Amsterdam’s Houthavens neighborhood, we design and develop our lighting in close cooperation with our production partner in China. We both share the same goal: to build lights that last by using only the most resilient components and materials. In case something does break, don’t worry: all our designs are modular and the components can be easily replaced. We subscribe to the philosophy of lighting for life – not for landfill.We hope you’ll enjoy using our lamps as much as we enjoyed creating them.

multiple versions of the humble one on a table
humble's office
a look inside humble's office