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    Bee Beige Smoked

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Humble Bee wall light without wires, the perfect addition to your home

The Humble Bee is as free as a bird. This round cordless wall lamp ignites any space, even where outlets are scarce. Hang it up with the wall mount and control it your way – via touch sensor, voice, or a smart app. A subtle mood enhancer for any room. The Humble Bee is our first cordless wall lamp, featuring an extra strong battery. After charging, it radiates ambiance for up to 220 hours (!). That means weeks of coziness!

Shines inside and out

It appears simple but it’s not. Behind the sphere of the Humble Bee lies smart internals, ensuring this cordless wall lamp always performs as you desire. Switch between 3 different modes and create ambiance for every occasion. Moreover, the Humble Bee syncs with your smart lighting, providing seamless control. Note: you’ll need a bridge for that. The Humble Bee uses Zigbee 3.0.

  • Switch between 3 modes: candle, ambience, and work
  • Charge the battery via a Qi charger or the provided USB-C cable
  • Enjoy up to 220 hours of light after 4 to 6 hours of charging
  • Suitable for bathroom use (IP65 waterproof)
  • Compatible with Philips Hue, Ikea Trådfri, and Tuya

Humble Bee: sturdy wall lamp

At Humble, we prioritize longevity. That’s why beneath the stylish exterior of the Humble Bee lies a modular, battery-powered system with easily maintainable and replaceable parts. Even the LED bulbs are replaceable, extending the potential lifespan.

Wall lamp for design enthusiasts

You desire coziness, but not a home cluttered with unsightly cords. The Humble Bee effortlessly clings to any wall and is easily detachable for charging. Seamlessly click it into the wall mount and bask in 220 hours of ambiance. With beige, matte gold, and matte black options, there’s a matching variant for every space. Order your mood enhancer to go.

The Humble Bee includes:

Lamp and LED source (E27, replaceable)
USB-C cable
Wall mount, 2 plugs, and 2 screws
Carry pouch