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Introducing Humble Cordless Table Lamps: Create atmosphere, anywhere!

A romantic dinner, cozy drinks, or an afternoon of games calls for an atmospheric table setting. Instead of lighting candles, now you can simply turn on your Humble wireless table lamp – it’s as easy as that! One full charge provides 140 to 96 hours of warm light, just like a candle. If the light runs out, recharge your lamp in 4 hours using a USB-C cable or wireless dock.

Stylish cordless table lamp with countless functions!

The great thing about this cordless table lamp is that it looks fantastic in many more places than just on the table. Humble fans use our rechargeable table lamps on their desk, bedside table, in dark stairwells, as mood creators in the bathroom, or in their cozy reading nooks. They are versatile ambiance boosters that can go anywhere. Once you have your little light companion, you’ll want to place it everywhere!

Cordless rechargeable table lamps deserving the spotlight!

With a cordless table lamp from Humble, you make every moment more beautiful. Literally, because the Humble One and Humble Two are meant to be seen. Each mood creator is carefully designed using the best materials, ensuring you bring a robust lamp home that will be the center of coziness for years to come.

Humble One: modern lamp, nostalgic feel

The Humble One cordless table lamp puts its lightbulb in the spotlight, creating the nostalgic feel of an old-fashioned incandescent lamp. It’s a stylish, minimalist table lamp available in various colors, and there’s also a cool version with smoked glass.

Humble Two: Classy Mood Creator

The Humble Two cordless table lamp has a slightly more classic design. This rechargeable table lamp features an elegant base and a semi-circular shade, which directs the light downward. It’s the perfect companion for dinner parties.

In control with a dimmable table lamp

Whether you want to read the letters in your book easily or prefer romantic candlelight at the table, with a dimmable table lamp from Humble, you have the power to adjust the brightness as you wish. This way, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any situation. The Humble One and the Humble Two are dimmable table lamps with three different settings, allowing you to find the ambiance that suits the moment best.

Cordless table lamp with substance

Whether you choose the Humble One or the Humble Two, you’ll have a beauty with brains in your hands. Each rechargeable table lamp comes with a few clever features that make it even more enjoyable to use. For instance, each lamp can be paired with smart lighting, allowing you to switch it on remotely. Want to take your mood creator outside, even if it’s drizzling? No problem! Every rechargeable table lamp is IP65 waterproof, so it can handle the terrace with ease.