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  • Two Spare battery frost

    Two spare battery frost

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  • Two Spare battery clear

    Two spare battery clear

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  • One Spare battery

    One spare battery

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  • Bulb PET ST64 clear

    Bulb ST64 clear PET

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  • Bulb ST64 smoked

    Bulb ST64 smoked

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  • Bulb ST64 clear

    Bulb ST64 clear

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  • Bulb G95 frost

    Bulb G95 frost

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  • Bulb G95 smoked

    Bulb G95 smoked

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  • Two Drum led G4 - 2600K

    Drum led G4 – 2600K

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  • Two U led G4 - 2700K

    U-led G4 – 2700K

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  • Shade Gold smoked

    Shade Gold smoked pc

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  • Shade Gold frosted

    Shade Gold frosted pc

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  • Shade Beige frosted

    Shade Beige frosted pc

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  • Shade Black smoked

    Shade Black smoked pc

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  • Shade Black frosted

    Shade Black frosted pc

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  • Shade Black/Brown Linen

    Two shade Black/Brown Linen

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  • Shade Beige/Beige Linen

    Two shade Beige/Beige Linen

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  • Shade Gold/Emerald Linen

    Two shade Gold/Emerald Linen

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  • Shade Gold

    Shade Gold

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  • Shade Silver

    Shade Silver

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Excellent Performance, Unmatched Atmosphere – Our Premium Replacement Parts for Humble Lights

Revitalize your wireless lighting with our top-notch lamp replacement parts. From powerful batteries to elegant lampshades and unique replacement bulbs, we offer everything to ensure that your smart home experience never falters. Explore the world of Humble Lights and ensure that your home always shines in a unique light. Experience the highest quality and style to keep your Humble Lights glowing brightly.

Sustainable Batteries for Lasting Brilliance

The heart of your Humble Lights – the batteries. Our replacement batteries are specially designed to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. Illuminate your spaces with radiant light without compromising on sustainability. Also, take advantage of our informative video tutorials to effortlessly master the installation of our replacement batteries and optimize your lighting experience.

Brilliant Replacement Bulbs for Continuous Light Spectacles

The bulb in your wireless lamp is key to stunning illumination. Our replacement bulbs not only deliver impressive brightness but also longevity. Experience the unparalleled glow that transforms your moments into a continuous light spectacle. Replacing your bulbs is effortlessly simple. Just unscrew the bulb and insert the replacement bulb, just like with any other bulb. Please note that our replacement bulbs operate on low voltage and are not suitable for standard lighting fixtures.

LEDs – For Vibrant Colors and Efficient Enjoyment

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of energy-efficient lighting with our LEDs. Our replacement LEDs are ideal for the Two Black Smoked and Two Gold Smoked models. We make replacing them as pleasant as possible so your wireless lighting can shine brightly again quickly. Utilize the vibrant colors of your lamps to the fullest without compromising on energy efficiency thanks to our replacement parts.

Lampshades – Elegance that Never Fades

Refresh the charm of your wireless lamps effortlessly by replacing the lampshade. Is your shade damaged? Replacing it is a breeze. Simply unscrew and insert the new lamp replacement part. Our exquisite lampshades are carefully crafted not only to filter light but also to be an aesthetic complement to your space. Experience the transformation of your room with a new lampshade that perfectly combines elegance and functionality.

The Humble Lights Experience – Unique Even with Replacement Parts

Our lamp replacement parts are not just standard products; they are an essential part of the Humble Lights experience. Each component, from the replacement bulb to the lampshade, is designed to preserve the unique atmosphere and technical brilliance of your Humble Lights. Enjoy a seamless lighting experience with our high-quality lamp replacement parts.

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