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Wireless lamps: create ambiance without hassle

Never thought of it, but incredibly practical. Wireless lamps bring more atmosphere to any space, from a chilly hallway to the bathroom. Thanks to their cordless design, you can easily move them around. At Humble, we have a growing collection of wireless lamps that cast a warm glow in any interior.

Cordless and smart design

Humble’s wireless lamps are stylish showstoppers that deserve attention. Their inner workings are just as impressive. Charge the rechargeable lamp in 4 hours via USB-C cable and enjoy 140 to 96 hours of cozy ambiance. Want to stay put when you turn on the lights? You can. Many Humble wireless lamps sync with your smart lighting, letting you set the mood with your remote, phone, or voice. Additionally, each lamp is IP65 waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Elevate your moments

Humble’s wireless lamps make your moments more beautiful, whether you’re cuddled up on the couch, needing practical light in the attic, or looking to brighten your balcony. They come in countless variations – from light to dark, matte to glossy. Each mood enhancer is thoughtfully designed using the finest materials. This way, you bring home a sturdy lamp that will be the center of coziness for years to come.

Place or hang your wireless lamps: your choice

Whether you want to liven up your wall or create a cozy reading nook, our selection of wireless lamps offers various models to meet your needs. Will it be a tabletop model or a wall lamp?

Table illumination? Choose Humble One or Two

Looking for a wireless lamp that’s easy to move around? Explore our range of wireless table lamps. The Humble One and Humble Two are beacons of light on any table or shelf. Each model comes in a plethora of charming finishes – from understated beige to striking gold. Find the match for your interior!

No cords on the wall with Humble Bee

Ambient light without unsightly cords? The Humble Bee has you covered. This wireless wall lamp provides ambiance without the hassle of cords. Simply click it into the wall mount and enjoy 220 hours of warm light. The collection offers variations in beige, black, and gold.