IP rating

Guide to IP rating & zones

You always see the IP rating in the description of our Humble lamps. But what is it exactly? We like using techie jargon when it comes to our lamps, but it is not always clear. We’ve outlined the differences below to help you choose the product that will fit your needs.

What does IP stand for?

First things first, what does IP stand for? IP stands for Ingress Protection. This rates how well our lamps are protected against intrusion from “outsiders” such as dust, dirt, or water.

There are two digits following the IP (e.g. IP 43 or IP 65).

The first digit defines the protection level against harmful solid external objects if they come into contact with electrical objects such as dust, tools, or fingers.

The second digit focuses on the level of protection against different forms of liquids such as sprays, drips, or jets of water.
The higher the digits are the better the protection will be.

humble one beige outside with water drops

IP zones in the bathroom

There are 3 different zones in the bathroom with different requirements for the IP ratings.

Zone 0: is inside the bath or shower. Electrical objects used here must be SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage – Max. 12V) and have a minimum rating of IPX7, which has a total water immersion proof.

Zone 1: is the area above the bath and shower reaching the height of 2.25m. It is a must-to-use product with a minimum rating of IPX4. In this zone, if there is a likelihood of being in contact with water jets, IPX5 is the minimum requirement.

Zone 2: the area within 0.6m from Zone 1 and around the wash basin requires a minimum rating of IP X4.

Outside Zone: All other areas of the bathroom do not require any IP rating of electrical products.

Humble lamps that are suitable for use in the bathroom:

Humble One Outdoor: IP 65 (suitable for zone 1 and zone 2)

Humble Bee: IP 65 (suitable for zone 1 and zone 2) These lamps are also safe to light up your outdoor space even when it’s raining! Other Humble lamps: IP 43 can stand against a light splash of water

Ip Zones