Meet the designers

Meet the designers

Perhaps you’re wondering who these designers are? Let’s introduce you to the rest of the team. Meet Gert, Tom, Lenny and Douwe – collectively known as APE Amsterdam. Four Dutch industrial design engineers who’ve been working together since 2005. They met as students at the Delft University of Technology, where they each specialised in integrated product design – including 3D modelling, product development, production techniques, prototyping and design solutions. And ever since then, they’ve been developing products in collaboration with brands they love. Not only do they get all nerdy about things like 3D printers, but they’re also fluent in sarcasm – making them nothing but fun to work with (most of the time).

So, how about this Humble One?

Our Humble journey started a few years ago when Gert, Tom, Lenny and Douwe came up with the idea of making a portable, cordless table lamp that could substitute candle light. What if there was an easier, safer, more sustainable light source?

They started drawing and researching, balancing out the very fine line between being able to create atmosphere and making the most of the potential technical capabilities.  Eventually, APE came up with the Humble One: the first energy-efficient, battery-powered lamp with a bulb that glows like the old-school incandescent type. Together, we eventually decided to name the brand ‘humble’, after this unpretentious and friendly first design.

APE & Humble

Today, the APE and Humble teams share a pretty cool office in Amsterdam’s Houthavens where – as we share a lunch table – we’re able to brainstorm on the daily about emerging technologies and cool new ideas. Which is basically how the Humble Two was born. And where something we can’t wait to share with you was thought up.

drawing of a humble one