Recharge your candlelight

Candle lit dinners,
without the fire hazard.

The devil is in the detail. Humble Lights come into their own in any space where you welcome guests, like a restaurant, hotel or bar. We bring design, sustainability, quality and user-friendliness together in one cordless lamp that quietly sets the mood – wherever you choose to set it down.

Hotel van der Valk Lelystad

4* Hotel: van der Valk Lelystad
Product: Humble Two Gold

‘t Badhuys Vlieland

A beautiful atmospheric beach club
Product: Humble One Outdoor Linen

Sushi San

Sushi restaurant in Zeist.
Product: Humble Two Gold


Wine bar in Amsterdam.
Product: Humble One Walnut

Perfect table mates

Our Humble One and Two have their own unique characters, but they also have a lot in common: both lamps look great on the table, whatever the setting. All our lighting is simple to use, whether it’s in a beach club, ballroom or hotel lobby. You can control up to 1,000 lamps with one click: on, off, brighter, dimmer – whatever suits the mood. Not to mention the battery: charge once and the lamp provides up to 140 hours of light.

Are you using candles every evening? Then Humble Lights are a serious saving – both on cost and on the environment. One reusable lamp will save you a whole lot of candles in the future. On average, in a professional setting, you’ll earn back your investment within two years. Plus, reusable lighting is a sustainable choice.

Easy to use

Humble Lights are already shining in all sorts of public and professional spaces – in the Netherlands and beyond. Which makes sense, because they’re there to be enjoyed – day in, day out. You don’t need much to make them work: with the remote control, you can adjust the lighting and check the battery. One click, and each lamp shows how much power it has left. When the battery’s empty, simply place the lamp on the charging station, made from stylish and sustainable black bamboo. A couple of hours later, the lamps are good to go.

Designed to last

There’s method in our humble madness. A Humble Light is built for life – designed to last as long as you need it. If a part does break – and that can happen – you can order it from us separately. And we’ll explain how you can replace it yourself, simply and easily. That way, we make less of an impact on the environment, and you can count on mood lighting in your space.

Wondering whether Humble Lights are a good fit for your business? We’re happy to tell you everything there is to know about our lighting. Ask your question below, or request a quote directly.