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About smart lighting

The Humble One Smart and the Humble Bee are both smart lights that you easily integrate into your Zigbee 3.0 enabled smart home network. Control them with your phone, voice, motion sensor or via a physical wall switch.

How do you get started with smart lights?

Do you want to use either the Humble One S or Humble Bee? But you’re not sure where to start. We recommend getting the Philips Hue bridge and app. A cheaper alternative is Ikea Trådfri or Lidl Silvercrest, any bridge with the Zigbee 3.0 protocol will work. In our experience the Philips Hue has a good quality/price ratio.

What are the benefits of smart lighting?

We can categorise the benefits of smart lighting in 4 groups:

Convenience – the light turning on automatically when you walk into a room, open your closet or walk past your house are just a few examples.
Safety & security – When you’re on holiday for a long time and are able to operate your lights remotely.
Energy savings – Smart lights are all LED lights, which are already more energy efficient. But they are also dimmable, in general most people prefer dimmed light as it gives a better atmosphere.
It’s fun – having your lights pulse to your favourite beat is quite something.

What is the best smart lighting that you offer?

The Humble One S is a cordless table light, while the Humble Bee is a wireless wall light, both have its place in the home. While the Humble One is portable and is often used as a table, night or desk lamp. On the other hand the Humble Bee, while portable, will probably have a fixed place on a wall. The Humble Bee gives you the flexibility to light up an area of your home that in normal circumstances is difficult to light up, such as above a staircase or a dark corner in your living room.

More information on our smart lighting can be found here.